Immediate Contact Transfer

Platforms: iOS and Android phones

App Category: Contacts Management

Use this app when you need to transfer your contacts to a new phone even if it’s different platform (Android to iOS and vice versa), the app has very simple and straight forward user interface. and can send your contacts either by emailing them or by using the app transfer in which case you will need the app installed on both phones, the app will upload your contacts and then give you a reference ID you will use to receive your contacts on the destination device.

If you have any suggestion or feature to be added to this app please contact us directly

Immediate Contact transfer for Android

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Weather Alerts Ultimate

Platforms: iOS and Android phones

App Category: Weather

If weather is important to your work or lifestyle, In many times you need more than the frost alert or flood alert. If you need to get temperature threshold alert you will not find many services that provide this type of alerts.


This was why I was motivated to create a new App that does exactly this, Weather Alerts Ultimate is an app for iOS that will allow you to set up alert notifications when the temperature is expected to exceed or go below certain threshold

Weather Alerts Ultimate Android Version

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Easy Pill Reminder

Platforms: iOS and Android phones

App Category: Mediacl

Easy Pill Reminder is a simple and convenient tool to remind you of the time to take your medications, and supplements. you can setup alarms that fire based on any prescription directions, the app has 4 way of scheduling (Fixed period based, Daily at certain hours, Weekly on certain days, and Monthly on certain days)

You can download the Android version of the Pill Reminder

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Immediate Contact Transfer App for iOS and Android

Posted by eugie17 on Oct 30, 2018

Do you feel stuck every time you buy a new phone and need to transfer your contacts from the old phone to the new iPhone or Android phone? Immediate Contact Transfer is a new app that allows you to do exactly that and within a minute you will have your existing...

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